Powertrain engineering is the front line in sustainable mobility. We are here to meet this challenge with a unique combination of innovation, engineering best practice and professionalism. At Integral Powertrain (IP) you will find outstanding capabilities in internal combustion (I/C) engines, electric machines, emissions and controls. You will also find a passionate team which, time after time, has successfully delivered against the most demanding briefs.


News & Press

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Why us...

Integral Powertrain uniquely combines world-class electric motor skills with a track record of powertrain delivery to OEM standards.

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Technologies & Innovation

Traction Drives

  • Leading Power Density
  • AID Driven
  • Proven Technology
  • IP Manufacturing


  • Unique Hybrid Technology
  • Application Configurable
  • Integrated Control Systems

Next Generation ICE

  • Dual Core Cost Reduction
  • Design & Development
  • Emission & Climate Testing

Boosting Systems

  • Unique CO2 Reduction Tech.
  • Electro-Mechanical Package
  • Control Software Package
  • Development & Manufacturing Ready