e-Motor Rig Facilities

electric motor durability test equipment

Our development rigs save cost and allow independent sub-system validation saving time also.

Insulation test system: Carries out a variety of tests to identify specific insulation system and winding parameters.

AC Current Injection: Establish thermal performance of stator and validate thermal cycling.

Cold Room: Validate low temperature behaviour. Also used for ISG starting performance.

High Frequency Resistance: Evaluates AC/DC ratio against frequency.

Back to Back Dyno: Used for high dynamic cycling and durability prove-out.

Winding Development Rig: Semi-automated rig for winding development.

Rotor Speed Cycling: Validation of magnet retention system (SPM) and rotor bridge fatigue reserve (IPM).

Vibration: Validation of robustness to vibration (rotor rotates).

Inverter Function: Reactive load + infra-red camera

e-Motor Dynamometer Facilities