Hybritorq SPM Ultimate

Electric Motor Component SPM Rotor

These motors offer the highest power density currently available globally and, using our in-house developed magnet retention system, typically run up to speeds of between 35,000 and 150,000 rev/min.  Precision cooling measures are employed to maximise continuous rating.

Since they make use of certain high-cost materials SPM Ultimate machines are suitable only for specialist applications where high rotational speed, power density and package carry a substantial premium.  

These motors employ a high performance derivative of our single tooth winding system giving major benefits:

  • Advanced winding process to reduce high frequency losses
  • Exceptional copper fill for high efficiency and best possible thermal performance
  • Compact end windings
  • Outstanding insulation system robustness

Using our in-house application toolset we can rapidly work with clients to define a specification and can progress to hardware in 12-18 weeks according to requirements.