Design for Manufacture

Design that accounts for future production processes

Integral Powertrain uses the latest parametric Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system and analysis tools within a structured industry best practice product design process based on proven methodologies and quality systems. As expert PLM users IP are able to seamlessly work with clients as if they were an in-house department. The collaborative capabilities within PLM allow IP to operate under the guidance of a client’s design and development environment, following the rules set by their customer.  This speeds up communication, decision making and leads to shorter times to market and reduced development cost.

IP are equipped to support every phase of the product development cycle from concept generation to Start of Production (SOP) with designs that are robust and flexible for tooling, analysis and packaging exercises. With experience in all engine systems IP have the tools and the expertise for cost-effective optimisation of the whole powertrain.