CO2 Modelling and Benchmarking

Gasoline and diesel CO2 projects

Integral Powertrain has developed unique and powerful techniques to measure and characterise powertrain hardware and controls so that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions can be tracked, allocated and optimised with great accuracy.

Our Simulink based vehicle model simulates all the key powertrain hardware systems together with their associated controls. This can be seamlessly advanced from concept level through to a fully validated hardware model operating viable ‘C’ code. Our mobile test bed instrumentation approach allows detailed characterisation of mechanical and controls effects.

The use of CO2 modelling and mobile test bed benchmarking has proved a very powerful combination in a range of projects. At one end of the spectrum there is identification of 2% benefits through implementation of a number of detailed Engine Management Systems (EMS) calibration improvements. At the other end we have a major exercise to understand the performance and operational strategies of a competitor hybrid powertrain.