Emissions & After-Treatment Systems

Dedicated vehicle engine and hybrid emission test

More demanding government legislation and continued consumer focus on CO2 data along with increasing system complexities and tighter budget and resource pressures have driven the requirement for efficient and cost effective emission control systems with engine and vehicle calibration methods and tools that support the whole development cycle from concept through to production. Integral Powertrain are aligned with upcoming emissions legislation introducing the requirement for Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing utilising latest Portable Emissions Monitoring (PEMS) equipment. 

On projects which require specification of the powertrain control system and emission after-treatment system, there is a high degree of interaction between the various systems. 

 Integral Powertrain’s approach is to carry out vehicle based prototyping of the whole system, including optimisation of the control system for emissions, subject to known constraints for fuel economy and driveability.  The emissions after-treatment system is then defined with a very high degree of confidence.

To support optimisation of the system, Integral Powertrain has a wide range of analytical and measurement capability, including:

  • Fundamental engine and powertrain knowledge to support strategy definition and  for selection of emissions and control systems to suit particular engine and combustion types and configurations.
  • Analysis of flow distribution in after-treatment systems, particularly for Three Way Catalyst (TWC) applications, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
  • Temperature modelling, for input into after-treatment chemical models, to estimate conversion efficiency for each component.
  • Experience in development of Selective Catalytic Reductions (SCR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) systems for both light and heavy duty vehicle applications.
  • Lean NOx Trap (LNT) system experience for light duty vehicle applications.
  • In house emission test facilities (Emission and Climatic Test Centre (ECTC)), with gas analyser and mid bed capability, plus Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) analyser available for detailed system performance measurement and an HORIBA MEXA-2000SPCS Exhaust Gas Particle Counting System.

Emission & Climate Test Centre (ECTC)

Gasoline Engine Control System Applications

Diesel Engine Control System Applications

Hybrid Powertrain Control System Applications