Gasoline Control System Applications

downsizing and CO2 emission expertise

Gasoline powertrain systems have become more complex to meet the challenges of legislation and the demand for reduced CO2 emissions.  In particular, downsizing and specific CO2 reduction features, along with new combustion concepts and hybridisation, have resulted in more system diversity and increased interaction between features. At the same time, Client and end user demands for excellent driveability and robustness are as high as ever.

IP has completed a wide range of gasoline calibration projects, from large turnkey projects to calibration updates, or derivatives with high carry over or validation content. 

On turnkey projects, once the engine and aftertreatment system are fixed 'up front', the system capability is known with a high level of confidence, and we can carry out the application work against the background of stable hardware.

We use advanced Model Based and Design of Experiments methods, together with strategy modelling, where the number of test points is high (such as dyno based calibration) or where the time between tests is longer (such as cold start / drive).  This meets the current requirements of our OEM clients for shorter programme time scales and reduced development vehicle numbers. 

This is supplemented by in house developed tools and advanced measurement techniques, including on board combustion and torque measurement.

IP has recent experience across a range of systems and technologies, some of which include:

  • Tier 1 systems - multiple control strategies across each system supplier.
  • All current Gasoline emissions control systems.
  • Class leading capability for downsized and pressure applications.
  • Specialised gasoline applications for Hybrid powertrain concepts.
  • Emission concept studies and aftertreatment system projects for gasoline applications, including recent after-treatment concepts for stratified GDI.
  • In house vehicle testing - ULEV2 and EU6 development, including particulate measurement. VCA approved for Type I,II,III,IV and VI Light duty emissions testing to EU5b EEC Directive.