Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicle test

Integral Powertrain is a genuine leader in the rapidly developing area of hybrid and all electric vehicles with very high power density electric motors and  low voltage mild-hybrid, electro-mechanical turbo charging, electric motor drive and power re-generation and engine downsizing technologies such as SuperGen.

We have proven capability from powertrain concept assessment and powertrain system optimisation through hybrid controls integration to turn-key delivery of the most power-dense electric traction motor in production from our own manufacturing facility. 

To complement our powertrain design and analysis capability we offer a comprehensive benchmarking and simulation package using advanced testing methods carried out in our vehicle test facility (Emission and Climatic test Centre (ECTC)) . With two wheel drive (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD) test cells, the 4WD test cell has climatic capabilities, we can test all hybrid configurations including ‘Through the Road’ types.

For more information on our electric vehicle, hybrid powertrain and electric motor drive capabilities follow the link:

e-Drive Systems