Vehicle Emission & Climatic Test Facility (ECTC)

Emission and climate test centre (ECTC)

Integral Powertrain’s advanced vehicle test centre is certified for European Union (EU) legislative testing and supports gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicle development and testing on two wheel drive (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD) chassis rolls.

The facility includes of a 2WD ambient temperature vehicle test chamber, suitable for running emissions and similar cycles, and a 4WD vehicle test chamber suitable for hot and cold climate testing (down to -20C).  The 4WD chassis rolls currently supports absorption of up to 100kW, with the option of a simple upgrade for operation up to 200kW.

The facility has been designed to accept vehicles up to large size light duty trucks, and long wheelbase passenger cars.  The 4WD rolls includes a traversing rear roller which can be pre-set to suit the wheelbase of most vehicles.

Each test chamber can run tests independently with gasoline or diesel exhaust systems, which are routed to separate exhaust / Constant Volume Sampler (CVS) and analyser systems, with proven Horiba gas analyser systems, supplemented by a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy system for after-treatment system analysis.  Dilution systems use remote mixing Tee for gasoline, and a full flow dilution tunnel for diesel.

Particulate measurement includes filter based mass measurement, and an HORIBA MEXA-2000SPCS Exhaust Gas Particle Counting System to meet EU6 legislation.

The emission test facilities are also complemented by a multi-vehicle cold test chamber, capable of cold start and pre-test soak down to -35C. Two large vehicle soak areas are climatically controlled by an air-conditioning and active shutter ventilation system. There are also vehicle lifts and workshop.

The ECTC can also provide mobile in-vehicle testing facilities with their mobile test bed.  This includes a selection of sensors and data recording equipment that can run tests and record data for detailed reporting on track, on variable driving conditions circuit or on the road.

Facilities are available for part or whole programme/projects and turn-key work, with the flexibility to be booked for short duration test work to accommodate overflow or short notice activities.

Staff are knowledgeable and can call on the services provided by Integral Powertrain for emissions/control/test/benchmarking/validation strategy and development planning and provision that encompasses the wider powertrain environment.