Integral Powertrain, proud sponsor of the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum.

19 May 2016


Integral Powertrain (IP) are proud to sponsor the UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (UKIEF) which will take place at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Conference and Training facility in Coventry on Wednesday the 22nd June 2016.

IP is a keen supporter of Intelligent Engineering principles, bringing together the most appropriate technology, processes and people and optimising the interfaces between them to make the company function to its maximum potential.

Following these principles Integral Powertrain are working hard to achieve its ultimate goal of maximising ROI in the very latest engineering software, IT infrastructure and people.

Roger Duckworth, Technical Director at Integral Powertrain, will speak at the UKIEF, sharing his thoughts on Intelligent Engineering and how it has enabled IP to compete successfully on a global scale in today’s highly competitive automotive, motorsport and aerospace industries.

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For more information about the event go to WWW.UKIEF.ORG