supergen -  a multifaceted mild hybrid technology

SuperGen is an electro-mechanical boosting system which provides exceptional response even at low speed on heavily downsized engines. The system replaces the alternator and can provide mild hybrid functions. SuperGen combines the advantages of a compact, efficient and fast response supercharger with a high efficiency belt-integrated starter generator. SuperGen integrates hybrid and boosting technology into a single low-cost multi-function device.

The basis of the SuperGen is an electro-mechanical power-split transmission technology with an epicyclic traction-drive and two small permanent-magnet motors to provide a full variable transmission between the engine FEAD belt drive and the high-speed radial flow supercharger impeller.

By virtue of the exceptional low-speed torque, power and response capabilities of the supercharger, the device provides a superior match to next generation downsized gasoline engines, in which applications the device replaces both the alternator and any turbocharger unit. In these applications the sub-0.5s response characteristic and excellent off-idle torque performance enables fuel economy improvements of up to 15% vs. a typical turbocharger system advantage of around 10%. An additional 5-6% may be attained through the use of the integrated stop-start and regenerative braking capabilities.

Under development by Integral Powertrain in cooperation with global OEM's and Tier-1's, the SuperGen is intended for series production applications in the 2018-19 timeframe. The overall cost, performance and robustness of the SuperGen compares extremely favourably with competing charging and hybrid technologies and meets the requirements of OEM's technology development gateway measures for system application-readiness.


• Gasoline - single-stage to 90 kW/l
• Gasoline - two-stage with LP Turbo-charger to 150 kW/l 
• Diesel two-stage with LP Turbo-charger to 100kW/l


• Integrated charging & hybrid system with lowest net system cost
• Outstanding tip-in response (<0.3s)
• Lowest CO2-emissions to cost-ratio through down-sizing, down-speeding and mild-hybridisation
• Stop-start, re-gen. braking and launch assist
• Compact package -150mm diameter by 200mm long
• Low-voltage technology: 12-42V options


• On-demand electro-mechanical boosting system
• Single-stage power-split IVT
• Centrifugal supercharger
• Max. compressor power 5x electrical power
• No net battery power requirement
• Integrated controls and electronics


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