Lightweight Dual Core Engine

Cost reduction provided by duel core automotive engine

Next Generation Dual Core Lightweight Engine - a TSB project.

Integral Powertrain partnered with Jaguar Cars and GE Precision Engineering to investigate innovative architectures to support future engine downsizing programmes. 

Lightweight powertrains are crucial if vehicle weight reduction targets are to be met. New architectures, with the strength and stiffness to support downsizing, but without weight penalty, are essential.

Project objectives:-

  • Translation  - existing concept study to robust, functional, Application Ready demonstration engine
  • Engine block mass reduction (circa 60% O/P conventional design)
  • A vehicle level CO2 benefit of circa 2.3% through mass reduction and accelerated warm-up (reduced thermal inertia)
  • An engine dynamometer based evaluation and functional sign-off

Integral Powertrain used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to meet the analysis goals (Comparison-JLR New Premium Product);-

  • Match key metrics
    • Durability (Core and Case fatigue,)
    • NVH (powertrain bend, radiated noise, Engine Mount and FEAD mobility,)
    • Abuse loading (Engine Mount and Diff-on-Sump.)
  • Achieve the principal project goal of a weight reduction

Major challenge - radiated noise in the critical frequency range between 2-3 kHz (response of the structural Sump).

Integral Powertrain used Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Abaqus and Tosca to optimize the sump structure, and thus mitigate the excessive radiated noise. Tosca optimised the sump panel shapes and gave guidance to internal ribbing, shifting the natural frequencies of the sump away from the critical region, or importantly reduce their responsiveness, and thereby reduce the radiated sound power from the engine surfaces. A python script was used to calculate sound power from the AVNSQ output in Abaqus.

In addition, Tosca was also used to ensure the final design still met the mass budget, improved Sump stiffness, and satisfied the required functional requirements; such as the Sump volume required to hold engine lubricant.